Plastic Apron Making Machine

About DEQI Plastic Apron Making Machine

Our automatic mask manufacturing machine is generally composed of feeding part, forming machine, conveyor line, ultrasonic machines and so on. The Mask Manufacturing Machine adopts a 1+1 integration scheme (1 automatic blank face mask making machine + 1 earloop welding machine), using computer PLC programming control, which realizes automatic unwinding of raw materials, automatic transportation, cutting of the nose bridge, mask edge welding, Ultrasonic fusion, forming cutting, earloop welding and other full-process automation, the full load capacity of 24 hours can reach 100,000 / day.

This mask manufacturing machine realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, the whole process including coil material feeding, folding and pressing,nose bridge tendon material feeding,mask forming,mask cutting,ultrasonic machine wellding ,finished product unloading and other processes,completing the whole production process from coil material to finished product of mask.The produced face masks are comfortable to wear, non-stressed,and have a good filtering effect, which fits the face shape of people andcan be used in medical,electronics, mining, construction and other industries.

DEQI Face Mask Machine Features

Experienced factory directly

Over 20 years experience in manufacturing ,leading the mask machine industry for years

Better quality control for mask

Fined machine installation ,and food level spare parts control ,which can ensure the best quality of the facial mask

More intelligent control

Touch screen control panel ,intelligent control system ,easier to operate and maintance

Strict quality control

No compromise for the quality ,each mask machine ensure testing before delivery ,guarantee best performance for working

Fast output speed

100-120pcs/min continuously working ,stable working performance guaranteed

Best quality component

We apply world class component ,heavy duty work

Deqimachine ARE

20 Years' factory

Over 20 years experience in manufacturing ,leading the surgical mask machine industry for years

Fast delivery

Fastest delivery guaranteed ,we can finish order within 10 days

Strict quality control

No compromise for the quality ,each machine ensure testing before delivery ,guarantee best performance for working

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apron lathe machine

Plastic Apron Making Machine

Apron Making Machine Introduction:

This machine is specially designed as a disposable plastic apron machine. Using computer control, stepping (servo) fixed-length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small. The electric eye tracking device makes the pattern position of the printing bag accurate. The length of the bag can be adjusted by computer numerical control. When there is a problem with the printing bag, the machine will automatically stop and alarm.


Apron Lathe Machine Specification



Maximum Width of the apron making machine


Maximum Length


Production Speed

20—80 pcs/min

Thickness of the bag making


Power of the main motor


Electrical Heating Power


Electrical Power


Machine weight




Apron Lathe  Features: 

1. this machine is special designed for the point off with volume aprons machine.
2. it use computer control , step motor or servo motor setting length system to make the sealing and cutting size with the less error.
3. fitting with electric eye tracking to make the location of printing the pattern precise.
4. it can choice the compute rnumberical control to adjust the apron length, if the printing have problem, the machine automatic shut down and alarm.

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