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About DEQI Face Mask Making Machine:

Our automatic mask manufacturing machine is generally composed of feeding part, forming machine, conveyor line, ultrasonic machines and so on. The Mask Manufacturing Machine adopts a 1+1 integration scheme (1 automatic blank face mask making machine + 1 earloop welding machine), using computer PLC programming control, which realizes automatic unwinding of raw materials, automatic transportation, cutting of the nose bridge, mask edge welding, Ultrasonic fusion, forming cutting, earloop welding and other full-process automation, the full load capacity of 24 hours can reach 100,000 / day.

This mask making machine realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, the whole process including coil material feeding, folding and pressing,nose bridge tendon material feeding,mask forming,mask cutting,ultrasonic machine wellding ,finished product unloading and other processes,completing the whole production process from coil material to finished product of mask.The produced face masks are comfortable to wear, non-stressed,and have a good filtering effect, which fits the face shape of people andcan be used in medical,electronics, mining, construction and other industries.

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Experienced factory directly

Over 20 years experience in manufacturing ,leading the mask machine industry for years

Better quality control for mask

Fined machine installation ,and food level spare parts control ,which can ensure the best quality of the facial mask

More intelligent control

Touch screen control panel ,intelligent control system ,easier to operate and maintance

Strict quality control

No compromise for the quality ,each mask machine ensure testing before delivery ,guarantee best performance for working

Fast output speed

100-120pcs/min continuously working ,stable working performance guaranteed

Best quality component

We apply world class component ,heavy duty work

mask manufacturing machine feeding

Materials loading device Auto steering Control, Smooth and Aligned


Cloth folding and cutting ,nose bridge implant Flat and smooth, max 200pcs/min output


PLC control ,touch screen panel DELTA conrol panel ,stable and easier operation


Earloop welding sectionServo motor driven ,accurate and uniform welding point


Stronger chain driven
Harden chain belt ,which can guarantee long time working


English operating screen Easier to operate and debugging


Servo motor driven
More stable working performance guaranteed 

ultrasonic machine device for machine mask

Reliable ultrasonic welding device ,which can ensure stronger welding points 

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Specification of Deqi Mask Making Machine

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Layout of mask machine

mask machine design

Deqi Mask Making Machine
Working Process :

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  • If you invest in an unstable machine that may shut down frequently, it can cause a huge loss to your business.
  • The sooner you pick the right surgical face mask making machine, you will step forward to earn huge profit.
  • A fully face mask making machine needs no labor that decreases your total cost. It achieves a high output rate. The deqi’s automatic surgical mask manufacturing machine uses the latest technology so it derives high performance & high efficiency. So, the overall production cost is too low then your revenue of surgical mask.

If you can invest in the right face mask making machine undoubtedly your business will grow rapidly. It is the heart of your machine. So, the wrong decision is enough to ruin your business. Give some time to research & find the best mask manufacturing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

The face mask making machine is machines specially designed to process a multi-layer non-woven fabric made by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, ear strap bridge welding and other processes to produce various masks with certain filtering performance. The cooperation of multiple machines completes various processes.

There are many kinds of face mask making machine. According to different productions, masks are mainly divided into automatic blank face mask machineautomatic inner ear belt face mask machineautomatic cup face mask machineautomatic duckbill face mask machineautomatic KN95 face mask machine and so on.

In this digital age, automatic surgical mask manufacturing machine has huge demand. There are several sectors who are highly dependent on the mask manufacturing machine. That are mentioning below:

  • The pharmaceutical industry needs to make surgical masks to protect their employee while producing medicine. It is a must-have item for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food supplier or food making industry need a surgical mask to ensure hygiene & healthy cooking environment. So, the food industry needs the surgical mask manufacturing machine .
  • Chemical industry without surgical mask they are just in deadlock. Because handling chemicals without the surgical mask is like suicidal. So, the chemicals industry needs the mask manufacturing machine .
  • All the healthcare people are a high need for surgical masks. They are dealing with various patients who are infected. So, the authority, entrepreneur needs the surgical face mask making machine to give supply to the health care people or general people. All the concerned people need to wear a surgical mask to get rid of contamination. So, the surgical face mask making machine is a social emergency & primary needs of the nation to ensure a secure life.

The automatic face mask making machine ,we called 1+1 ,means one blank face mask machine connect with one ear loop welding machine .And also include the non-woven cloth feeding device ,and blank mask turning section ,below is our face mask making machine structure .

mask machine layout
mask machine layout

The face mask machine price various for automatic mask manufacturing machine and semi automatic mask manufacturing machine .For 3ply and KN95 face maks machine ,price range USD 10,000 to USD 60,000 ,for detailed price ,please contact with our sales to get more :

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    blank face mask machine
    blank face mask machine

    Introduction of blank face mask  machine

    Blank face mask machine is a machine that mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic welding and automatic edge banding to complete the welding and punching process of the edge of a plane mask. The mask film machine adopts PLC control system, touch screen setting, simple and convenient operation, can be used by a single person, only need workers to unload and take materials, can greatly save labor, use automatic production, can use 1 ~ 4 The layer of PP spunbond nonwoven fabric activated carbon and filter material, the entire machine from the raw material into the nose line insertion, edge banding, cutting finished products are all a line of automated operations.

    Application of blank face mask machine:
    The finished mask body produced by the mask punching machine is not a final consumer product, but only a semi-finished product. It needs to be further processed to meet people’s daily needs. Therefore, the mask body machine is only the beginning of the related mask production process. It is only used in the production of inner ear band masks, outer ear band masks and bandage masks. For example, the production of bandage masks is to place the finished mask body on the machine conveyor, pass through the pull tube, and then use After the ultrasonic flower wheel is pressed and welded, the strap is cut to output the finished product. Only one person needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the rest of the subsequent work is completed automatically. For example, the production process of the strap mask machine is as follows: The mask body piece is fed in-the strap is welded-the strap is cut off. The production process of the remaining masks, such as the outer earband and inner earband masks, is about the same as above.

    ultrasonic welding machine
    ultrasonic welding machine

    The mask ear loop welding machine,also called mask loop machine , is a machine that welds the ear strap to both sides of the mask (including flat masks, and three-dimensional masks such as cup masks, butterfly masks, duckbill masks, etc.); 

    mask welding machine
    mask welding machine

    it is divided into automatic mask ear loop welding machines and semi-automatic masks loop welding machine; the fully automatic earband welding machine is mainly used for the production of plane masks.

    To get the mask loop machine price ,please contact with us directly : 

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    machine mask accessory
    machine mask accessory
    ultrasonic machine device for machine mask
    ultrasonic machine device for machine mask

    Face mask making machine consists hundres of spare parts like sensors ,welding untrasonic machine ,scissors ,cylinder ,servo motor etc .We have full list of the machine mask accessory can show you ,contact us now to get the full list to solve your problem : 

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      The face mask machine for sale ladning size required for the machine is 4700*2500*2100mm .

      Working environment requirement  of face mask making machine:

      Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

      Humidity: 5 ~ 38%

      HR No flammable gas, corrosive gas No dust in the workshop (not less than 100,000 grade )

      Aseptic mask production workshop
      Aseptic mask production workshop

      As a professional face mask machine manufacturer in China ,we have detailed information about our mask machine for sale ,please contact with us directly ,to get our mask machine catalogue and mask machine manual right now : 

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        Below is the structure of the 3ply face mask ,please check the structure first :

        3ply disposable face mask structure

        The standard size of the face mask is 17.5*9.5mm .The structure of the 3ply face mask is outer non-woven cloth ,middle melt-blown filter cloth ,and inside is skin touch anti-bactria cloth .Beside the cloth ,the other parts is the nose bridge ,and ear loop .So the material list is below :

        Non-woven melt-blow cloth
        Bridge of nose steel wire covered plastic
        Ear loop belt
        Non-woven slin-touch cloth
        cost analysis of face mask machines
        cost analysis of face mask machines

        One day working ,capacity 100-120pcs/min ,let’s say 110pcs/min ,20hours/day ,you can make 132000pcs face mask you need the materials below :

        Materials ConsumptionUnit cost in USD Total cost in USD 
        Non-woven melt-blow cloth0.12tonsUSD 74800/TON8976
        Bridge of nose steel wire covered plastic12kmUSD 0.28/KM3.36
        Ear belt 264000pcsUSD 4.1/1000PCS1082
        Non-woven cloth0.25USD 20000/TON5000
        Total cost for one day production   15061.36
        Unit cost for per mask   0.114101212

        For the mask machine adjustment ,including mask machine installation and mask machine repair, please check our detailed video below :

        We can offer you mask manufacturing machine and N95  face mask making machine ,automatic line and semi face mask making machine .

        We can also offer seperate part of the whole line ,including blank face mask machine ,ultrasonic welding machine .

        Beside that ,we can also offer you mask sterilizer machines ,face mask packing machines and face mask boxing machine ,they are not produced by us ,but if you need that ,we can offer you together .

        For the mask production machine HS CODE , it is 8515809090

        There are lots of benefits of using an face mask making machine . They are mentioning below:

        • Increase your output.
        • Ensures High-quality.
        • Reduce waste.
        • Efficiency increase.
        • Easy to operate.
        • Easy to install.
        • High performance, minimal error rate.

        It can create excellency with the use of technology. You will wonder to see it’s output capacity. It is far better than human-level accuracy.

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