KN95 Mask Making Machine with Head strap

 Deqi is a leading KN95 mask making machine manufacturer and exporter in China, mainly supplying KN95 Mask Making Machine with head strap ,N95 Mask Making Machine ,FFP2 Mask Making Machine .Welcome OEM ODM

Fully automatic KN95 Mask Making Machine

Our KN95 mask making machine adheres to the corporate philosophy of “technology creates excellence”, integrates the essence of decades of machine manufacturing experience, uses optimized design technology, and uses automatic control systems across the entire line, servo tracking
welding, effectively reducing energy consumption to a minimum. Increased efficiency to a higher level. This production line has a leading position in China and is currently the most promising investment project.

KN95 Mask Making Machine Application

For KN95 and N95 mask production

Advantages of Deqi KN95 Mask Manufacturing Machine

At Deqi we incorporate high-class machinery for manufacturing our face mask machine equipments. We follow a stringent quality control process which ensures that the end product is flawless.

(1)Unwinding style use mechanical axis unwinding(3inch shaft optional)

(2)Transition device

(3)Nose bridge setting

(4)Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation.

(5) Welding with ear rope

(6) Folding

(7) Die cutting

(8) Waste edge is automatically collected

Specification of Deqi KN95 Mask Making Machine

Model DQ120C
Machine Size 9800L*1800mmH*1800mmW(include transmission rack)
Output 25-50 PCS/MIN
Drive mode Servo motor ,stepping motor
Control Panel Touch screen and button
Frequency and voltage 50/60Hz,220V
Air pressure 6Kg/cm2
Ultrasonic generator 1500W*4
Total power 10KW

Layout of KN95 Mask Making Machine with Headband

layout of KN95 face mask machine


Experienced factory directly

Over 20 years experience in manufacturing ,leading the mask making machine industry for years


Fast delivery

Fastest delivery guaranteed ,we can finish order within 15 days


Strict quality control

No compromise for the quality ,each machine ensure testing before delivery ,guarantee best performance for working


Best quality component

We apply world class component ,eavy duty work


More intelligent control

Touch screen control panel ,intelligent control system ,easier to operate and maintance


Fast output speed

30-60pcs/min continuously working ,stable working performance guaranteed


Better quality control for mask

Fined machine installation ,and food level spare parts control ,which can ensure the best quality of the facial mask


Fastest service reply

Any questions replied within 12 hours ,immidiate after sales service reply

KN95 Face Mask Machine With Head strao Detailed Diagram

1.Feeding device:adopt active unreeling,automatically unreeling according to the position of tension roller

2.Nose bridge welding Nose bridge welding module:including nose bridge unreeling,nose bridge leveling,fixed-length conveying,cut,welding Fabric composite seam-weld:adopt ultrasonic welding head and steel welding;the roller depth of parallelism and positional accuracy is adjustable,welding system has a cooling function.
3. Adopt ear band(not headset),entire fabric feeding,after the control of drive and tension,fixed length cutting,adjustable length of the ear band,using ultrasonic welding
4. The molding machine includes folding unit,cutting unit,welding unit and puller drive unit. Folding unit:Adopt adjustable triangle plate, height and angle can be adjusted to ensure that the mask is folded and neutral. Cutting unit:knife pad,pressure can be adjusted;materials:high-speed steel. Molding welding unit:Using ultrasonic welding, the welding is firm and the pattern is clear; the pressure of the welding system is adjustable, it has a cooling device, and the technical parameters are adjustable. Puller drive unit:The servo motor is used to control the main driving roller to drive the cloth, which runs smoothly and the pressure is precisely adjustable.

Buyer’s Guide

KN95 Mask Making Machine With Head strap

Deqi KN95 Mask Manufacturing machine has aluminum alloy rack. The appearance is light and beautiful. It can finish making the figuration at one time with the precision moulds. With imported high power ultrasonic it can weld firmly and waste materials will be outputted automatically. The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate. The product can be widely used in high industrial pollution, factories and mines.

Deqi KN95 Face Mask Machine with Head strap- The Ultimate guideline:

Deqisurgical face mask machine is a good choice for high quality & bulk quantity mask production. There are different types of machine to produce variants mask that meets your requirement & standard.

If you choose the right surgical face mask machine it will be easier to maintain the quality & achieve the approval of selling masks globally. Deqi is the leading & popular surgical face mask machine manufacturing company that provides the best machine that is unbeatable in quality. If you looking for the best Kn95 face mask machine the only option is Deqi for you.

How to make KN95 face mask with your machine?

The whole process include :

Import raw materials→automatic feeding→nose wire cutting/feeding→shape fusion→LOGO transfer printing→ear band welding→flush breathing valve hole→automatic conveying breathing valve and alignment/welding→nose pad sponge paste→folding→sealing→automatic cutting→finished product output→the whole process of automation.

What is KN95 face mask machine ?

KN95 face mask machine

Functions of N95 Mask Making Machine:

This machine has aluminum alloy rack. The appearance is light and beautiful. It can finish making the figuration at one time with the precision moulds. With imported high power ultrasonic it can weld firmly and waste materials will be outputted automatically. The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate. The product can be widely used in high industrial pollution, factories and mines.

Features of N95 Mask Making Machine :

1. Adopt the original German machine technique, per the feature of folded mask, make the nose clip and mask body finish once via automatic control by ultrasonic technique. Steady quality and high efficiency.
2. Can make the mask of 2-5 layer raw per required.
3. This is different from other folding mask machine, this install the nose clip insertion unit: the nose clip can be inserted when produce the mask which we need, then fold welding and forming, this improve the automation and save the labor cost for the manufacturer.
4. PLC control, automatic counting , Easy operate, beautiful finish product.
5. Servo moto control, dimension control exact.
6. Machine frame made from aluminum , the parts with plating, outlook rugged beauty and practical.

How many kinds of medical facial mask machine now in the market ?

Mask machine, mask production machine, mask machines on the market are: HD-0301 flat mask machine, HD-0304 cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, folding mask machine, gauze mask machine and so on.
The plane mask machine series can be divided into the inner ear band mask machine, the outer ear band mask machine, and the strap mask machine according to the welding method and use method of the ear band. The production of these three kinds of flat mask requires the mask body machine. Forms an integral part of a flat mask.
English name: face mask machine, mask machine, mask making machine
Product name: mask machine, cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, mask machine, etc.

How to buy a mask machine from China ?

In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and the strengthening of people’s awareness of protection, the market demand for disposable medical masks and protective masks is constantly expanding. Many customers are keenly aware of this business opportunity and want to get involved in the mask production industry.

But in view of the unfamiliarity with the mask production process, the purchase of mask raw materials, the selection of mask machine manufacturers, the planning of mask production workshops, the industry standards for mask production, etc., when inquiring and consulting related information and making related budgets, Looks blind and confused. Here are some common sense introductions to the ultrasonic mask machine to help customers who are preparing to show their talents in the mask production industry to illuminate a little twilight in the fog and know the direction:

First of all: masks are simply divided into planar masks and three-dimensional masks from the appearance. Plane masks are mostly used in the medical industry, and three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection. This article is mainly for the purchase of ultrasonic face mask machine (ultrasonic medical mask machine).
Second: The plane mask machine series can be divided into: inner ear mask machine production line, outer ear mask machine production line, and band mask machine production line.

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