Three Helpful Things Technology Is Doing For Healthcare During Covid-19

The world has suffered from pandemics in the past, but this 21st century was a particular proof for science. Covid-19 is an opportunity for all scientific knowledge to help the world overcome the crisis. Thanks to the development of tech companies, hundreds of businesses were able to continue their work activities remotely and take care of employees’ health. Additionally, the lockdown could have been more difficult without the support of streaming and entertainment platforms.

If we are to highlight the essential support of technology during the pandemic, we will talk about the cure of Covid-19. Several pharmaceutical and scientific companies worldwide are using technology patents to get the vaccine and kill the virus for good. Pfizer and BioNTech took the most important step so far: a 90 percent effective vaccine. In addition, according to the BBC, the managers of these companies hope that with technological support, 1.3 billion doses can be developed by the beginning of 2021.

In addition to the vaccine, we can list the three most important points with which tech companies have helped healthcare during the pandemic. Pay attention to the following data.

  1. Reports and Monitoring in Record Time

One of the most common problems during the pandemic was ‘sources of contagion’, those neighborhoods, cities, or states with the highest concentration of people infected by the virus. Thanks to data science, many government websites, newspapers, and health centers can report in real-time these dangerous places.

The technology applied for these monitoring collects all the official data on how many people have tested positive for Covid-19, how many have died, what percentage remains in critical condition, and how many patients have been cured. Many platforms create dashboards, statistical tables, and heat maps that reflect the highest concentrations based on the search filter using this information.

One of the most critical roles of this science was during the virus’s emergence in Wuhan, China. According to The Lancet, airlines applied big data technology to identify travelers’ origin and destination, to create a record that helps determine where new sources of contagion may arise.

  1. Health Tests and Control Tools

The partial opening of the shops was possible thanks to biosecurity elements. Many companies in the world, to adapt to the ‘new normal’, had to invest in technological products that would speed up entering stores, measuring body temperature and masks.

Covid-19 was an opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to have better relationships with technology. Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to see better thermometers (which made more precise calculations in less time), and masks with comfortable and strictly safe designs to avoid contagion. Likewise, we saw medical uniforms with more excellent resistance, more durability, and protection against the virus.

The tests to detect coronavirus also improved considerably over the months. According to Harvard, rapid tests were enhanced to make diagnoses with less margin of error. Currently, that margin is approximately 4 percent.

  1. Instant Medical care

Immediate attention was a priority for many tech companies. Some communication apps, such as Zoom, created select channels for medical consultations. Similarly, other apps such as WhatsApp or Instagram are tools for doctors and health centers to offer support to patients from their homes. This considerably reduces overcrowding in hospitals, places considered by the World Health Organization as the largest contagion sources globally.

Although some traditional companies have closed, the tech industry is still looking for employees to reinforce all services during the pandemic. Career Karma, a bootcamp and technology website, says that Covid-19 has not been an obstacle for online schools to prepare more students to go to tech companies. App and web developers continue to reach out to Facebook, Microsoft, or Google to create more remote healthcare centers and monitor the disease in every corner of the world.


Technology has been an indispensable tool to combat the coronavirus. This pandemic should teach us how to use science to prevent and confront threats in the future. These are just three things the tech industry is doing for health right now; the vaccine will be the most important step for the health of the world, and this stage is an example of how science will be able to improve the healthcare of the world. 

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