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Best 3 Types of Surgical Face Masks for Coronavirus

Examples Of Masks To Consider During Coronavirus Era


Deqi machine is one of the major manufacturers of surgical face mask making machines in the sector. The company is also known as a top manufacturer of robot machinery. Deqi manufacturers products that are both innovative and effective. With two decades of experience in the industry, the company has marked its legacy as one of the leading brands, making the best products, with fast delivery and strict quality control elements. Each machine manufactured by this company goes through a series of tests before delivery to ensure top quality and safety. The company also makes products with intelligent control systems and fast output speed. In this era of coronavirus, deqi surgical mask making machines have become very popular. In this post, we discuss the best types of face masks for coronavirus


What are face masks?

A face mask is a piece of object that is worn by health care professionals during medical procedures like surgeries.


Components of a face mask

The main components of a face mask are;

  • Flat and rectangular designed fabric. The role of this part is to cover the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • The binding- this is the part that joins together the different layers of the fabric.
  • Ear Loop- this is the round elastic band that helps hold the mask in place.


Types of face masks suitable for coronavirus prevention

  1. Surgical Maskshow to wear 3ply face mask

Surgical masks are designed in such a way that they are disposable. They are also loose-fitting, and they cover the mouth, nose, and chin area. Most of the time, the masks are flat and rectangular with either pleats or folds. They also feature an ear loop that holds it in place when it is worn. However, they have a untied loop that can get tied on the back of the head.

Benefits of surgical masks

  • Surgical masks offer a protective barrier against sprays, splashes, and other large-particle droplets. In this season of coronavirus, these masks can help prevent the transmission of the virus through such droplets. It, therefore, keeps both positive and negative persons who are spreading and contracting the virus, respectively.
  • They also offer protection against potentially infectious secretions from the respiratory organs. This would come in handy when preventing the spread of coronavirus.


  1. Homemade masks

homemade mask

The demand for surgical face masks has become too high that some stores are reporting a shortage of masks while others are selling them quite expensively. Therefore, some people are turning towards homemade face masks because most countries and the WHO is recommending that everyone wears a face mask. Homemade face masks are made from pieces of clothes that are either tailored or folded to resemble a manufactured surgical face mask.

How to make the perfect homemade mask

The main issue with homemade cloth masks is the fact that they do not filter as many germs and bacteria as needed. However, the perfect homemade mask should have two layers. The two layers help to filter double the amount of germs and particles that the one with one layer would.

The best material for a homemade mask

The cloth is the most popular material used for making homemade masks. However, cloth tends to be less effective against viruses, germs, and other particles in the air. Below are some good materials for making homemade masks in order of their performance from top to least effective;

  • Dish tower material is ALMOST as effective as a surgical mask. Especially when it is double layered.
  • Cotton is almost as effective, but only when double layered.
  • Silk is also suitable. The fact that it slides off the face is a disadvantage. However, if you find a way to keep in place, it is a suitable material.

Each of the materials mentioned above is more effective when layered twice than once.

Benefits of homemade face masks

  • Homemade face masks are less costly than the latter
  • Homemade face masks are more readily available because the other types are reserved for medical health workers and professionals.
  • They can be worn in public places to prevent transmission of spittle, aerosols, sprays, and bodily liquids that could lead to infection of the virus.
  • Unlike disposable surgical face masks, homemade masks can be washed, and reused hence are more convenient and durable.

Concerns about homemade face masks

  • Healthcare providers should never use homemade face masks, unless with a face shield. The reason is they are not designed to handle the level of exposure that these professionals have to endure.
  • Children should also keep off these masks because they tend to hinder proper breathing.
  • Also, individuals with respiratory illnesses like asthma should not use these masks. The reason why this is the case is that the masks do not allow easy breathing, and they also trap dust that may lead to asthmatic attacks or allergic reactions.
  • The masks should also be washed after each use for effectiveness


  1. Respirators


Unlike surgical face masks, respirators are more tight-fitting. Like surgical masks as well, respirators protect against sprays and large droplets. However, the difference between the two is that these masks can filter out up to 95% of the tiniest particles. This is the perfect kind of mask for protection against viruses and bacteria.

Design of respirators

Unlike the latter, respirator masks are either oval or circular. They also have elastic bands that help to hold it onto the face firmly. Since they are exceptionally tight, some brands add an exhalation value to the design. The role of the valve is to help with breathing and circulation of air to prevent overheating ab buildup of humidity in the mask.

Benefits of respirators

  • Respirators have more protective value than the latter. They are, therefore, the perfect product for protection against coronavirus.
  • They are more beneficial because they come in a variety of sizes for different individuals

Concerns about respirators

  • They tend to be more uncomfortable than the latter due to their tight fit.
  • They are more costly than the latter and less readily available in the market.



The best kind of face mask is one that is both breathable and effective in its protective function. The main concern about factory manufactured face masks is the low amounts of availability currently. This issue can be resolved by using deqi face mask making machine. The machine is capable of manufacturing hundreds of products in the least amount of time.

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